A secret to creativity in Business

A secret to creativity in Business

It is easy for us all to believe that creativity is some sort of magic talent, or a gift given to the lucky few at birth.  I always considered creativity was the domain of artists and musicians, and was in awe of those who could  pick up a pencil and draw spectacular illustrations seemingly effortlessly.

Creativity for business innovation

Artists are talented but the very best still practice for years and years to refine their natural creative abilities.  Creativity in business is at the heart of innovation, whether it be for marketing campaigns or new and ground breaking products.  But unlike natural born talent, it can be learned and turned into a creative system.

Tip: steal ideas!

I’m not talking about blatant plagiarism of ideas from your nearest or most successful competitor, (though it obviously happens).  A much more effective and creative approach is to study other industries or market sectors. Preferably an industry entirely different from your own… If you sell bicycles, compare your business to an ice cream truck. If you’re an accountant, compare yourself to a book store.

Think about their business model? How do they market their products? How do they serve their customers?  What other systems do they have?  Challenge yourself to bring one idea from another industry into your business!

With this tip in mind, get into the habit of carrying a notebook with you everywhere.  When you see great ideas or are inspired by something others are doing, write it down and review it later.

Another great resource for finding new ideas to re purpose for your business is Springwise.com, which gathers great innovative business ideas from around the world. Also check out their sister site trendwatching.com for upcoming consumer trends.

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