A Powerful Marketing Secret You Can Steal From Networking Groups

BNI groups (Business Networking International) are tight networks of local businesses that work together to grow each others businesses. Here’s how can you take their secret and use it to grow your business?

Is This First Impression Ruining Your Facebook Reputation

Here is how NOT to get new fans on Facebook:

I recorded this after a business spammed one of my Facebook Pages wall with a blatant sales message. After a bit of investigation, I found they were posting the same message on the walls of a large number of other business pages.

I outline what they did, and what they should be doing instead.

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How to tag People and Pages in Facebook posts

Tagging others in your Facebook posts creates a link direct from your post or comment to the tagged Persons profile or the Facebook Page. It is a great way to promote others, stay connected and at the same time, increase the exposure of your Facebook Page.

In this short (3:46sec) video I show exactly:

  • How to you how to tag your friends and pages
  • I explain how it increases the visibility of you or your Page
  • A sneaky way of tagging People as your Facebook Page (hint: your Page can’t tag people)

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

Why you should be building and sharing your audience

Here is my very first cinch cast. I’m pretty excited by Cinch as it is a great way to create content on the go.

Have a listen and let me know what you think in the Comments

In this Cinch, I talk about Tim Ferris’ Launch of his new book – The Four Hour Body, and how he worked with Evernote. Evernote is an application that allows users to keep text, images and audio notes everywhere (web, computer and smartphone).

Leveraging your audience

In the book Tim talked about how he used Evernote to track his workouts, eating and other health and body related information.

During the launch of the book, Evernote told their entire user base about how Tim used their application. Evernote now has over 3 million users (as per mid 2010), So by leveraging Evernote’s audience Tim got his book promoted to milllions of people. I am fairly certain Tim also used the same tactic with at least a couple of other services.

How much would you have to pay to advertise to 3 million people?

What can you do?

Do you have an audience for your business?

If not, start building one today. With Social media, it is easier than ever. You can use:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • even Email

Find other businesses that are related to yours and find ways to work with them and share audiences?

3 things all top influencers do on Twitter

Twitter continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. And still the mainstream struggles to get it. Meanwhile others are building huge audiences and loyal fans all targeted to their particular industry or niche.

Twitter becomes more interesting the more followers you have. While engagement is the goal, more followers increase the readership of each update you post.

Over the years I’ve been on Twitter I have noticed some common characteristics of popular tweeters.

Here are 3 characteristics of top influencers on twitter that you should be emulating

1. Tweet more than average

By tweeting a lot, you increase your visibility. If I only log in to twitter a few minutes per day, I’m more likely to see your tweets than others. BUT before you run out and start tweeting like mad, influencers don’t tweet a lot purely for the visibility, their volume is related to spending the time on the points below.

2. Engage in conversations with others

Conversing with others shows you to be a real person with real opinions. It shows you are listening to and willing to engage with the community. The best tweeters really do build and maintain valuable relationships, which often lead into ‘real life’ relationships and opportunities.

On twitter, conversations has the added bonus of being public – you are sharing your audience with those you’re talking to, again increasing your exposure to new and wider audiences.

3. They promote others

Reciprocity is valuable on twitter as with all networks whether online or off. Nothing gains loyalty from someone faster than promoting them or their cause. Hailing someone as an expert or someone worth listening to is a huge compliment. And it is as simple as passing on their content or mentioning them in a tweet.

Two bonus tips:

4. Have a core message

Aside from the conversation and promotion of others, influencers have a core message. They specialise in one or two topics and become a hub of information and discussion around these topics. While they may make up less than 25% of their tweets these topics are consistent themes. It is much better to be a specialist rather than a generalist on Twitter (until you get at least 30 thousand followers).

5. Produce valuable content outside of Twitter or Facebook

Whether it is a blog, video on youtube, or photos on Flickr, consistently producing great content that people can use is the number one way to gain credibility in a field. It reinforces a core message and gains links and notoriety as it gets passed around Twitter and the wider web.

The most influential tweeters have most if not all of these factors in their twitter profiles.

How many of these characteristics apply to you?

Finding Great ideas

I came across this great video yesterday. It is a great analysis of the process of coming up with great ideas.

The take away for me, is that we need to share and discuss our ideas with others to allow them to incubate and grow and evolve… To let them become Great.

Keeping ideas hidden away from others is most likely to have them shrivel and die. they need to see the light of day to create something real and tangible.

Get out and network, connect with people in Social media – Talk about your ideas