Teaching Content Generation at Blenheim BNI

Teaching the local Blenheim BNI group how easy it is to post content around the web. And why you should visit a BNI Chapter to grow your business.

Are You Killing Your Sales By Offering Too Many Options?

Making decisions is hard. The more choice we all have the harder the decision becomes.

Listen to find out how to use this fact to boost sales of your products and services.

3 Simple Ways to Generate Extra Profits

There are three critical numbers in your business that affect your bottom line. Listen to find out how you are wasting money if your marketing isn’t focused on increasing at least one of these figures. And how working on all of them could skyrocket your business.

How to Increase The Value of Your Product or Service by Appealing to Emotions

Including a strong emotional hook can increase the value of your products and services.

How To Sell a $100 Lesson for $4000

This is super smart and simple when you are making the right offer to the right group of people.

The example on the episode is selling a surfing lesson, and here is how they do it:

  • Choose a specific market
  • Identify a huge problem the market has
  • Show the market on how big the problem actually is (rub salt in the wounds)
  • Educate the market how to fix the problem themselves
  • Offer a comprehensive ‘done for you’ solution to the problem

In this case, the solution they offers was an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

What is an Invisible Market, and How Do You See It?

What is the difference between a visible market and an invisible market?

What do you need to offer effectively market to an invisible market?

After, After Sales Marketing


How a simple gesture at the right time can boost your customers lasting impression of your business, encourage them to come back and send refer people to do more business with you.

A Powerful Marketing Secret You Can Steal From Networking Groups

BNI groups (Business Networking International) are tight networks of local businesses that work together to grow each others businesses. Here’s how can you take their secret and use it to grow your business?

Choosing Your Media


When it comes to planning your marketing campaign, the Media is the easiest decision to make of the three considerations – Market. Message. Media.

But it can still be confusing due to all the options we have available these days to deliver our message.

Deciding on the best option or options for your marketing campaigns is much easier once you have defined your market and created the message you want to get to them.

Critical Factors of a Successful Marketing Message


Your marketing message is arguably the most important part of your marketing campaign. Unfortunately it’s often thrown together without much thought in order to meet a publishing deadline.

Here are a few of the core considerations for a successful marketing message

  • What is the goal of your campaign?
  • Make it about the customer
    • Why do they care / whats in it for them
    • NOT buy my stuff… but here are the benefits to you using this product or service
  • Include a strong call to action