Are You Killing Your Sales By Offering Too Many Options?

Making decisions is hard. The more choice we all have the harder the decision becomes.

Listen to find out how to use this fact to boost sales of your products and services.

3 Simple Ways to Generate Extra Profits

There are three critical numbers in your business that affect your bottom line. Listen to find out how you are wasting money if your marketing isn’t focused on increasing at least one of these figures. And how working on all of them could skyrocket your business.

How to Increase The Value of Your Product or Service by Appealing to Emotions

Including a strong emotional hook can increase the value of your products and services.

How To Sell a $100 Lesson for $4000

This is super smart and simple when you are making the right offer to the right group of people.

The example on the episode is selling a surfing lesson, and here is how they do it:

  • Choose a specific market
  • Identify a huge problem the market has
  • Show the market on how big the problem actually is (rub salt in the wounds)
  • Educate the market how to fix the problem themselves
  • Offer a comprehensive ‘done for you’ solution to the problem

In this case, the solution they offers was an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

What is an Invisible Market, and How Do You See It?

What is the difference between a visible market and an invisible market?

What do you need to offer effectively market to an invisible market?

After, After Sales Marketing


How a simple gesture at the right time can boost your customers lasting impression of your business, encourage them to come back and send refer people to do more business with you.

A Powerful Marketing Secret You Can Steal From Networking Groups

BNI groups (Business Networking International) are tight networks of local businesses that work together to grow each others businesses. Here’s how can you take their secret and use it to grow your business?

Yes, Social Media is Media As Well

After listening to my Media episode yesterday I decided I could talk more about using social media to get your message to your market.

I discuss the main benefits and pitfalls of Social media.

Why you should stop chasing new customers!

When I first talk to a client about their marketing, I have a few questions I always ask. The first is “What do you want to achieve from your marketing?”, almost without fail I get the same response: More customers!

While it is the obvious response, it isn’t strictly the truth.  When they ask for more customers, most businesses really want something else… More money! The assumption that more customers result in more money doesn’t always hold true.

The Problem

The problem with targeting more customers with your marketing, is that each customer costs money in the form of paperwork and staff time for customer service.  Marketing to new potential customers is also expensive.

The solution is better customers

Rather than aiming for more customers, how about focusing on creating more great customers.  A great customer is a heavy user of your products or services, they buy more, more often.  The never complain about your prices, and best of all they brag about your business to their friends and colleagues.

A great customer is valuable to your business from a profit perspective, but they also give you the best type of marketing you can get – word of mouth testimonials.  In short, they send you referrals!

Getting great customers

There are two things to keep in mind about great customers.  Firstly, you already have some great customers.  and secondly, your great customers think differently about your products or services than your regular customers.

In a cafe example:  To a regular customer, the cafe might be a place for an occasional pick-me-up, or a casual place to meet a client out of the office.  To a great customer, the cafe is their breakfast bar.

Get talking to the the great customers you already have.  Find out their thoughts on your products, what is it about them that make them great customers, and  why they choose you over your competitors.

Once you have an understanding of who your best customers are, and WHY they are great customers. You can use the information to:

  1. Encourage your standard customers to become Great customers
  2. Target your marketing at those people who are most likely to become great customers

Rather than aiming to get just more customers, your ultimate goal should be to get more GREAT customers.

Last Question:

What do you offer to your best customers to let them know how much you value them?  Do they know they are a VIP to your business?

A secret to creativity in Business

A secret to creativity in Business

It is easy for us all to believe that creativity is some sort of magic talent, or a gift given to the lucky few at birth.  I always considered creativity was the domain of artists and musicians, and was in awe of those who could  pick up a pencil and draw spectacular illustrations seemingly effortlessly.

Creativity for business innovation

Artists are talented but the very best still practice for years and years to refine their natural creative abilities.  Creativity in business is at the heart of innovation, whether it be for marketing campaigns or new and ground breaking products.  But unlike natural born talent, it can be learned and turned into a creative system.

Tip: steal ideas!

I’m not talking about blatant plagiarism of ideas from your nearest or most successful competitor, (though it obviously happens).  A much more effective and creative approach is to study other industries or market sectors. Preferably an industry entirely different from your own… If you sell bicycles, compare your business to an ice cream truck. If you’re an accountant, compare yourself to a book store.

Think about their business model? How do they market their products? How do they serve their customers?  What other systems do they have?  Challenge yourself to bring one idea from another industry into your business!

With this tip in mind, get into the habit of carrying a notebook with you everywhere.  When you see great ideas or are inspired by something others are doing, write it down and review it later.

Another great resource for finding new ideas to re purpose for your business is, which gathers great innovative business ideas from around the world. Also check out their sister site for upcoming consumer trends.

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