Choosing Your Media

  When it comes to planning your marketing campaign, the Media is the easiest decision to make of the three considerations - Market. Message. Media. But it can still be confusing due to all the options we have available these days to … [Continue reading]

Critical Factors of a Successful Marketing Message

  Your marketing message is arguably the most important part of your marketing campaign. Unfortunately it's often thrown together without much thought in order to meet a publishing deadline. Here are a few of the core considerations for a … [Continue reading]

How Choosing a Specific Market Can Skyrocket the Success of Your Marketing

You need to choose a highly specific market for your products and services. Most businesses want to sell to everyone. I get it, the thought is that the bigger the market the better the chance of getting a good slice of it. But here is why … [Continue reading]

3 Critical Factors to Consider in Every Marketing Campaign

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What you can learn from Donating Blood

Learn these powerful benefits of a simple post-sale followup phone call. … [Continue reading]

The best marketing lesson I learned from my weird science teacher

I have to admit I had a few weird science teachers over the years. They can't have been all bad though because I ended up graduating university with a bachelor of science. Ok it's possible probable I'm just as weird as them... Anyway, I had one … [Continue reading]

How to harness the power of images for marketing (and be cool)

The Local Socail Business Show

Images have long been used for communication of ideas since the dawn of human societies, well before any forms of written language. We are hardwired to process our world visually, to judge threats, opportunities and make fast decisions. A few … [Continue reading]

Why your website doesn’t make any money (and what to do about it)

How to fix your website from loosing custoers like a revovling door

You have a website for your business, but you’re still not seeing the promised customers streaming in the door. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone… The internet is now used by approximately everybody, (over 2 billion people anyway) … [Continue reading]

The attention battleground – The art of standing out from the crowd

Every moment in time is made up of infinite unique details. As humans traversing our lives we process, categorize and file these moments, but most are discarded because our conscious minds can not make sense of so much information. With so much … [Continue reading]

5 lessons in web marketing from a door to door salesman

web marketing lessons from a door salesman

Imagine traipsing cold dark empty streets in the depths of winter, luring sane people from the warmth of their lounge in front of the fire and trying to convince them to buy… something. This was a period of my life, which though hardly glamorous, was … [Continue reading]