How Choosing a Specific Market Can Skyrocket the Success of Your Marketing

You need to choose a highly specific market for your products and services.

Most businesses want to sell to everyone. I get it, the thought is that the bigger the market the better the chance of getting a good slice of it. But here is why targeting a smaller market can make you more money:

4 bankable benefits of choosing a specific market

  1. More likely to become the number one business catering to that market
  2. Easier to find who they are, and where you can reach them
  3. Easier to understand their specific problems, needs and motivators
  4. They feel like you are talking to them personally
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Alistair has managed and built small businesses in a varied industries from agriculture to the web. Years in sales lead to his obsession with marketing.
In his spare time he enjoys time with his family, sails and reads marketing books.
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