The best marketing lesson I learned from my weird science teacher

be specific

be specific

I have to admit I had a few weird science teachers over the years. They can’t have been all bad though because I ended up graduating university with a bachelor of science. Ok it’s possible probable

I’m just as weird as them…

Anyway, I had one great science teacher though who was very cool… Don’t get me wrong, he was weird alright, as in running twice a day weird, recycling like crazy before we even new what it was.. Oh and he had a cockroach farm!

Ok, this crazy scientist he taught me something that I have never forgotten. At the time I thought he was joking, and he probably was, but joking or not he was right.

Listen up, this is going to sound stupid, but the thing he told me was:

Always bullshit to one decimal place!

I told you…crazy right? But it is 100% true.

Ok, stick with me… In advertising, marketing and basically any communication, more specific information is more credible.

Not sure you believe me? Try this out:

Come visit us on a hot day. We have over 20 flavours of Gelato.


Come visit us on a hot day and try one of our 23 flavours of fresh Gelato.

OR how about:

Come in store for discounts on all our running shoes.


Come in store for 25% off all our running shoes

When you’re specific your customers brain isn’t trying to figure out how big the discount is going to be, you are either telling hte truth or lying… and they assume (hopefully correctly) that noone is going to outlright lie in an advert.

So you Gain more Trust

Brilliant isn’t it… You can use that 😉

I wonder how a sale would go with 25.3% off everything in store???

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