The Death of the Print industry?

What is the future for magazines?Today I felt like a little online magazine research.

I was met with beautifully creative layouts and the option of flipping through the pages online or downloading (which was quick). What does this mean for the publishing industry as we know it? A slow and tragically unremarkable death as the masses all jump on the iPad bandwagon and plug themselves in?

Actually I hope not.

While browsing magazines online can make the pastime more accessible, for me, nothing can really beat the experience of turning the printed page. A print geek, I’ll admit, I love the smell, the paper (sorry trees) and the break from a computer screen.

That said… here’s one online magazine I rather liked. (PDF download)

Image by Fontshop


  1. I think that, just as CD’s never quite meant the extinction of vinyl, printed media will, largely go the same way; into a niche market. Sure, some very short-lived, low-cost productions will end up solely in the digital realm, much like a lot of magazines, but I think (hope?) the higher-end magazines will still be put into print.
    Like you, I still enjoy the tactile aspect of reading, although I do a lot of work and research on screen, I am able to more fully take in a printed article.
    In my work, when producing manuals and proof-reading, I always print them out, and always find things I have missed when proofing on-screen. It’s almost as if I’m hard-wired to pay more attention when looking at a page vs. looking at a screen.
    So I desparately hope there’s still life in the ‘old’ media yet.

  2. I totally agree Aaron – I find it way easier to pour over a layout in printed form. And spying errors on screen vs on paper? You can’t beat ink.

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