Why you should be building and sharing your audience

Here is my very first cinch cast. I’m pretty excited by Cinch as it is a great way to create content on the go.

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In this Cinch, I talk about Tim Ferris’ Launch of his new book – The Four Hour Body, and how he worked with Evernote. Evernote is an application that allows users to keep text, images and audio notes everywhere (web, computer and smartphone).

Leveraging your audience

In the book Tim talked about how he used Evernote to track his workouts, eating and other health and body related information.

During the launch of the book, Evernote told their entire user base about how Tim used their application. Evernote now has over 3 million users (as per mid 2010), So by leveraging Evernote’s audience Tim got his book promoted to milllions of people. I am fairly certain Tim also used the same tactic with at least a couple of other services.

How much would you have to pay to advertise to 3 million people?

What can you do?

Do you have an audience for your business?

If not, start building one today. With Social media, it is easier than ever. You can use:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • even Email

Find other businesses that are related to yours and find ways to work with them and share audiences?

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