Your business should be using social media – heres why!

I found this great video on why your company should be integrating social media into your marketing and branding efforts.  It gives social media vital statistics, including global usage of sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as the speed of its growth.

Many business owners have said to me that they don’t need to be on the internet because their customers aren’t… 

Your customers ARE on the internet!!!

  • What are they saying about your business?
  • What will they do if they can’t find you?
  • Social Media lets you build relationships and maintain contact with your customers

If your customers are the very few who are not on the internet yet, they soon will be.  Doesn’t it make sense to be there first to welcome them?

What do you think? Are you tapping into the huge potential of social media with your business?

Social media is the future, START NOW!


This video was originally posted over on the Tips from the T-list blog.  Go and check it out for some great tips for the tourism industry.

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