So what is web 2.0 anyway?

Web 2.0 is a term that is bandied around a lot these days.  It is a buzz word that is used to describe many services and applications.  But I still get lots of people asking me what it means, and there seem to be many more who don’t quite understand it or the ramifications.

This is the best video explanation I have found, of what web 2.0 is.   It is put together by Dr Michael Wesch, from Kansas State University.  It moves quick, but explains a lot in a short amount of time (4.33 mins run time)

Did you miss something?

The main point is web 2.0 allowed ANYBODY to add information. You no longer need to be a web developer, or a programmer…. YOU can add contribute to the internet. You can comment, add photo’s, videos, opinions, comments, have conversations with friends or someone you’ve never met.   I can video chat with my brother in Sweden while broadcasting a message to hundreds, or thousands of people (potentially even millions).

Can you see how powerful it can be? It is leveling the playing field and creating huge opportunities for the small guys. Your market just got bigger, you can reach a global audience from Blenheim, or Picton or even Linkwater.

All of this is why I am an internet Fanantic

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