I Love Apple

Unpacking my Mac from it’s box almost brought tears to my eyes… ok a slight exaggeration, but it’s so extremely cool.

I love the way Apple do things. Right down to the slick packaging, every aspect is taken care of. Even the plug that fits into the back of the screen looks carefully thought out.

And you know what? It’s so simple. And they have us eating out of their hands because in terms of design and innovation they are always a step ahead. The consistency in the design style and it’s marriage with their equally clever ad campaigns, has the brand almost perfectly tuned. And by making their products so aestheticly pleasing the buying public are completely won over.  

The customer experience seems a major priority for Apple. They want you to COVET their products above all others (lets face it, often imitations, to varying degrees). Even the process of unpacking them feels special. It’s like coming home with a new baby. You’re super careful with it, gaze at it often, marvel at it’s beauty…

In casting such a spell it’s no wonder Apple can command higher prices from it’s devotees… not to mention, the newly converted.


  1. – Sweet photos! I love when you post What a wild child you are skvdyiing & gun shooting! I showed Mike this post & I think he sort of wishes I was a bit more wild myself. Maybe one day! Ha!


  1. […] When people love a brand, they will forgive that a product is a little more expensive, or that they have to go out of their way to find it.  They will refuse to admit another brand can be as good, let alone better.  They’ll purchase the product(s) over and over again, and they’ll rave about it to friends and colleagues.  A great example is Karen recently professing her love for her new Apple Mac.  […]

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